Simulation Languages
Simulation Analysis
Manufacturing Applications
Computer Systems
Transportation Systems
Materials Handling
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Corporate and Financial Models
Job Shop Scheduling
Urban/Social Systems
Data Base/Communications
Inventory Systems
Engineering Models

Simulation Languages

QUICKSIM - A Block Structured Simulation Language Written in SIMSCRIPT
David G. Wearner
PA3 - A General Purpose, Time-Shared Problem Analysis Language
D. G. Ebeling and E. G. Hurst, Jr.
SOLPASS - A Simulation Oriented Language Programming and Simulation System
James Armstrong, Horst E. Ulfers, Donald J. Miller, and Harry C. Page
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Simulation Analysis

Statistical Methods for Improving Simulation Efficiency
Donald P. Gaver, Jr.
Computer Graphics for Simulation Problem-Solving
Thomas E. Bell
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Manufacturing Applications

PROSIM V - A Production System Simulator
Joe H. Mize
A Generalized Manufacturing Line Simulator System for Production, 博雅彩彩票注册, and Manpower Planning
G. V. Raju and A. Bendazzi
博雅彩彩票注册 Maintenance Studies Using a Combination of Discrete Event and Continuous System Simulation
Harold G. Hixson
Production Control System for a Product Line with Diverse Demand Patterns
Aharon Gavriel Beged-Dov
Simulation of Plant Operations: A Critical Evaluation
Richard J. Swersey
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Computer Systems

The Effects of Input/Output Activity on the Average Instruction Execution Time of a Real-Time Computer System
Salvatore C. Catania
ECSS: An Extendable Computer System Simulator
Norman R. Nielson
Calibrating the Simulation Model of the IBM System/ 360 Time Sharing System
P. E. Barker and H. K. Watson
Simulation of the Time-Varying Load on Future Remote Access Immediate-Response Computer Systems
H. A. Anderson Jr.
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Transportation Systems

GPSS Simulation for Aircraft Capacity and Facilities Expansion Analysis
Charles A. Willis
Simulation of a Computer Aided Routing System (CARS)
N. H. M. Wilson, J. M. Sussman, L. A. Goodman, and B. T. Higonnet
A Stochastic Simulation of the Strategic Airlift System
G. Arthur Mihram and Richard L. Nolan
Association of American Railroads Network Model
W. K. Minger and J. N. Cetinich
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Materials Handling

An Order Picking and Shipping Model
Lawrence W. Hillman
Simulation of the Operation of the Coal Supply System at a 2000 MW Generating Station
R. D. Walkley and N. D. Hutson
Simulation Models for Evaluation of Airport Baggage-Handling Systems
Gerald L. Robinson
Coal Mine Belt System Design Simulation
James E. Juckett
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Health 博雅彩彩票注册

Simulation Study of a Hospital Command System
Stephen A. Levine
The Simulation of a Hospital Patient Treatment System
Henry R. Grooms and Tung Au
A Simulation Study of a Multi-Channel Queueing System in the Hospital Environment
Robert H. Holland
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Corporate and Financial Models

A Dynamic Financial Model of a Utility
Andrew J. Lipinski
A Correlated Distribution Simulation Model for Capital Budgeting
Charles L. Crabtree and Lyman C. Dennis II
Telecommunications Earnings Estimation Model (TEEM)
Wayne H. Wagner, Lawrence T. Akutagawa, and Larry Cumeo
Financial Simulation Model for the Computer Business
M. N. Bartakke and H. B. Horton
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Job Shop Scheduling

Determination of Criticality Indices in the PERT Problem
Guillermo Ponce-Campos and Thomas J. Schriber
Simulating Scheduling Plans
C. E. Montagnon
Job Shop Scheduling by Means of Simulation and an Optimum-Seeking Search
James C. Emery
The Current State of Research in Job Shop Scheduling
Carter L. Franklin II
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Urban/Social Systems

MASS - A Mail Service Simulation
Paul L. Tuan and David S. Nee
HAWSIM Simulation of Social 博雅彩彩票注册
Bryand A. Bremner and William F. Eicker
An Adaptive Computer Model of the Adoption of Electricity in a Village Community
Martin Pfaff and C. G. Jambotkar
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Data Base/Communications

A General Simulation Model for Information Systems: A Report on a Modelling Concept
A. L. Buchanan and R. B. Waina
A Model of Safeway's Control System
John Ryder
A General Simulation Model of an On-Line Telephone Directory Assistance Information Retrieval System
W. A. Hall
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Inventory Systems

Simulation Systems for Logistics Support Planning
Donald F. Blumberg
GASP II Simulation of Parts Inventory for Electronic Fuze Production
Clifford C. Petersen
Simulation of an Aircraft Container System
David M. Grant
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Engineering Models

Discrete Simulation Applied to Mars Lander
Edward M. Morgan and Jon I. Fellers
A Mathematical Model of a Crankcase Scavenged, Two-Stroke, Spark Ignited Engine and Comparisons with Experimental Data
Richard R. Booy, Robert B. Krieger, P. S. Myers, and O. A. Uyehara
Saturn V Prelaunch Systems Simulation Model For a Launch Opportunity Containing Multiple Launch Windows
Bernard J. Schroer
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