Corporate and Financial Models
Transportation Systems
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Urban/Social Systems
Maintenance and Reliability Models
Simulation Analysis
Inventory and Distribution
Computer Systems
Manufacturing Applications
Simulation Languages
Data Base/Communications
Materials Handling
CLASS - Composite Language Approach for System Simulation

Corporate and Financial Models

A Simulation Study of the Size Distribution of Firms
Alan R. Beckenstein and Thomas J. Schriber
Simulation in a Decentralized Planning Environment
P. H. S. Redwood and J. J. Schengili
Market Expansion Policy Evaluation by Simulation
R. E. Theile and R. R. Klimpel
Modeling of Distant Futures
Andrew J. Lipinski
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Transportation Systems

A Simulation Approach to Transportation Modal Split Analysis
William K. Clarkson and Jon R. Buyan
Detailed Simulation of Military Aircraft Operations and Logistics
J. H. Keeney
Applying Simulation Techniques to an Air Traffic Control Study
Richard C. Baxter, Julian Reitman, and Donald Ingerman
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Health 博雅彩彩票注册

A Dynamic Model for Planning Patient Care in Hospitals
Andrew K. C. Wong and Tung Au
Simulation in Mental Health Planning
F. D. Kennedy, J. C. Wright, M. J. Anderson, and P. C. Cooley
Simulation of a Coordinated Accident Rescue System
M. Wayne Parker and L. Ray Johnson
CELIA - A Cellular Linear Iterative Array Simulator
R. W. Baker and G. T. Herman
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Urban/Social Systems

International Passenger and Baggage Processing at Kennedy Airport
Rogers Lui, Ravinder Nanda, and James J. Browne
Regional Air Pollution Analysis
M. L. Frankel and D. H. Lewis
Simulation and Outdoor Recreation
Frank J. Cesario
A Perspective for the Study of Social and Urban Systems
Jerome L. Uhrig
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Maintenance and Reliability Models

Maintenance Activities and Resources Simulation (MARS) Model
J. J. Dougherty and R. G. Hazlett
Planet - A User's Viewpoint
John E. Barker
A Stochastic Network Approach to Test and Checkout
Lawrence J. Watters and Michael V. Vasilik
Digital Simulation of Maintenance Service Operations in the Computer Industry
Steven R. Dzubow
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Simulation Analysis

Stochastic Sensitivity Analysis of Linear Programs by Simulation Techniques
Joseph L. Balintfy
The Direct Simulation Method - An Alternative to the Monte Carlo Method
Dietrich Fischer
Monte Carlo Techniques for Stochastic Network Analysis
John M. Burt, Jr. and Mark B. Garman
An Efficient Procedure for Locating the Optimal Simular Response
G. Arthur Mihram
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Inventory and Distribution

GPSS Study of Work-In-Process Inventory
H. L. Bowen, Jr.
Application of the GERTS II Simulator in the Industrial Environment
Gary E. Whitehouse and Kenneth I. Klein
Analysis of Sourcing and Disaster Planning
Gary P. Carlson
Dynamic Simulation Model for Planning Physical Distribution Systems: Discussion of the Computer Model
Donald J. Bowersox, Edward J. Marien, and Omar Keith Helferich
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Computer Systems

Jobstream Simulation Using a Channel Multiprogramming Feature
S. E. McAulay
A Simulation Study of Cost Delays in Computer Systems
S. R. Clark and T. A. Rourke
A Modular Simulation of TSS/360
John W. McCredle and Steven J. Schlesinger
Simulation of the ILLIAC IV - B6500 Real-Time Computing System
H. Robert Downs, Norman R. Nielsen, and Edward T. Watanabe
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Manufacturing Applications

Job Shop Scheduling Simulations for Interactive Use in Computer Graphics
John W. O'Leary
Simulation in Airport Facilities Design: Lounge Planning Model
Robert F. Seeman
Simulation as an Aid in Product Development
Paul J. Kosteva
Simulation for Planning and Scheduling
Russell M. Tahmoush and John Price Rudy
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Simulation Languages

Experience with the Extendable Computer System Simulator
Donald W. Kosy
The BOSS Simulator - An Introduction
Paul F. Roth
Incremental Modeling in the Forward Direction
Charles W. Turk
A Complete Interactive Simulation Environment GPSS/360-Norden
Julian Reitman, Donald Ingerman, Jerry Katzke, Jon Shapiro, Kenneth Simon, and Burton Smith
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Data Base/Communications

District Office Network Simulator: Computer Simulation of the Characteristics of the Social Security Administration's District Office Operations
Barbara S. Haskins and John W. Fraser, Jr.
A Simulation Study of Data Transfer Between Two Asynchronous Devices: An Example of the Use of GPSS in Computer Systems Design
William T. McClelland, Jr. and Kathleen M. Rutter
Simulation and Mathematical Modeling of an On-Line Accounting System
Jack E. Shemer
Application of Simulation to Design of Classification Systems
Robert DeMoyer, Jr. and John I. Fellers
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Materials Handling

Continuous Simulation of an Internal Recycle Process
Lowell E. Hackbarth and Francis M. Sand
Simulation of a Distribution Center (Warehouse) Central Conveyor System
D. Grossman
Analysis and Design of a Material Distribution Center Conveyor Network Through GPSS Simulation
N. N. Tendolkar
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CLASS - Composite Language Approach for System Simulation

CLASS - Composite Language Approach for System Simulation
Harold G. Hixson
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